Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Great Prison Planet article on how the state doesn't really care about people's health, it only cares about controlling people. Yes, smoking is bad for you--no question. But the trick that's being played here is to get people to accept government restrictions on legal activities.

Another recent example of this is the limits on the sale of legal drugs with ephedrine in them, such as the legal, OTC drug Claritin-D and its generic equivalents. Even though you can get this drug without a prescription, you now have to sign your name in a log book or be entered into an electronic database that is connected to federal agencies before you can get it. And you can't just go into a store and pick up a pack or two off the shelf, you have to go to the pharmacy and present your ID.

This is all done in the name of fighting the "meth epidemic" and unfortunately, most people seem perfectly okay with it. And most people seem perfectly okay with outlawing smoking in public places--even though the act of smoking is perfectly legal--because, yes smoking is bad for you.

But, as this article asks, where does it stop? I hope we don't realize too late that this is creeping fascism and then can't do anything about it:

"It's all about control, it's all about letting you know who the bosses are. If the government can regulate personal habits and behavior, what's next? If the state is so concerned about our good health as they would have you believe, why not use the latest scientific advancements to remove that nasty aggressive gene that causes so much unhappiness? Well, you're causing those around you distress and harming their health so why not? Are your political opinions a mental illness? Are they harming society? Perhaps we should ban certain types of "free" speech that is offensive to others."

And here are some more things to consider from this article:
Here are some more examples of fascism being unhealthier than smoking.

- In Omaha Nebraska, city police are encouraging residents to call 911 if they see a smoker in a non-smoking area. So when your wife is being raped by an illegal immigrant or a gang banger, be assured that the cops have a good reason for their absence - Joe Bloggs just lit up a Marlboro and he's going to get Tasered.

- Bangor City Council approved a measure that criminalizes smoking in your own car with a child present.

- In Okemos Michigan, an insurance business boss ordered all his employees to take urine tests to determine if they had smoked, even in their own homes. Smokers were warned that they would be fired.

- In New York, Mayor Bloomberg's tobacco stormtroopers raided the offices of Vanity Fair no less than three times, attempting to catch noted journalist Graydon Carter smoking. All they found was an unused clean ash tray but Carter was fined and given a warning nonetheless. Numerous other instances of infamous "ash tray raids" have occurred in New York City.

- In Scotland, social services are drawing up a master list of smokers and warning residents against smoking in their own homes unless they wish to risk being cut off from government services.

Many of the people reading this will have had relatives die directly due to smoking. I am not advocating smoking, I am simply advocating the fact that I'd rather live in a society of smokers than a society of control freak fascists who slavishly seize upon any action of the individual in order to create yet another pretext for creating a Stasi system of informants, locking us all up and building the infrastructure of the prison planet.

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