Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Christ almighty I can’t wait for these motherfuckers to get indicted already...and for this holy war against decency (that is, the one in Iraq) to end...

Also, instead of worrying about liberating Iraq or the rest of the world, I’d rather me and everyone else worry about the erosion of our freedoms here in this country. Let’s not let all the bullshit about “land of the free” blind us to what is happening. Or as the Buffalo Nickel song “Already” puts it: “glory glory hallelujah/don’t let anyone fool you.” Or as e.e. cummings put it: “I will not kiss your fucking flag” and “there is some shit I will not eat.”

But on to my point about the erosion of freedoms here. My wife just had to show I.D. and be entered in a computer database to purchase Claritin-D at Target here. Now I know this is happening across the country and it is supposed to keep ingredients for meth out of the hands of meth-heads, but I don’t care. I don’t like it–it’s creeping fascism. PLus, the meth-freaks will just be forced to take more drastic and violent measures to get their fix.

I also don’t like video cameras installed on top of traffic lights. That’s creeping fascism.

And they get a majority of people to go along with it using scare tactics, i.e., if we don’t have traffic light cameras, the terrorists will kill us and if we don’t keep track of everyone who buys allergy medicine, the meth freaks will...I don’t know, keep killing themselves in meth lab explosions.

Now, of course neither meth nor terrorism are good things, no matter who’s doing them. But the threat of these things is so minimal. I don’t know anybody who does meth or even know anybody who knows anybody that does meth, do you? Even if you do, do you really think that the vast majority of people who aren’t making/taking meth but just find relief from decongestants should have to be treated as potential lawbreakers every time they want to buy a legal medicine?

And that’s what bugs me–because some companies and politicians want to look tough on crime, they’ve decided to make policies that bring everyone under suspicion. And it doesn’t seem like there are many steps from that to suspension of habeas corpus, waiver of the right to see an attorney or to a speedy, public trial. Oh yeah...we’re already there...


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