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The following two posts of mine are in response to these posts--


I don't owe you or anyone else one damn thing. I am currently in military and most of us, and I mean over 95% agree with the mission. You're just an angry hippie. It's ok man, we're fighting for you too."

"Remember, peace through strength. Just look at what is happening in Somalia, and I'm not talking about the strike we just carried out either..."

--in this thread at the Hattiesburg American forum.

Left-Handed Leftist Post 1

Not only that, troops in Iraq are not fighting for Russ or me or any other regular citizens. They're fighting for Exxon, BP, Shell, etc. Didja see this--"Western companies may get 75% of Iraqi oil profits":

"Iraq's massive oil reserves may be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies - which could end up grabbing up to 75% of the beleagured nation's oil profits - under a law seen coming before the Iraqi parliament within days, the Independent reported on its Web site Monday."

War is a racket. So said General Butler, who at the time of his death was the most decorated Marine in U.S. history.

If anything, this Iraq war is being used as an excuse to TAKE AWAY our freedoms. In the latest example, Bush just added a signing statement to a bill in which he claimed the right to open mail without a warrant.

I like the chant Cindy Sheehan and others shouted at the Democrats the other day "De-escalate, investigate--Troops home now!" Not one more American soldier should have to die or be wounded to protect George Bush's failed policies or to make money for corporations.

THAT'S what you call "supporting the troops," not calling for even more of them to be taken away from their newborns to kill or be killed so that Western oil companies--one of which recently had the highest quarterly profit of any corporation in the history of the world--can make even MORE money.

Left-Handed Leftist Post 2

Forget peace through strength. That's a load of malarkey that we've been sold for years. We were told all through the Cold War that we had to have all this firepower at the expense of everything else so we wouldn't be beaten by the Soviets.

Turns out the Soviet threat was greatly exaggerated and they collapsed under their own weight. But now we're stuck with the bill for the arms race and we still spend more than any other country on "defense".

We are the mightiest country on earth in terms of sheer firepower. So where's the peace?

As far as 95% of troops supporting the war, that's not true either. In February 2005, 72% wanted to come home by 2006. Then there was the recent Military Times Poll which showed that 42% of the troops don't support the President's Iraq policy compared with 35% who do support it.

The time for BS is over. We won the war but we're losing the occupation (and theoretically that shouldn't be possible). The American people have finally caught on to the fact that Bush lied about our reasons for going into Iraq and the "surge" will be his undoing.

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AlfredT said...

How long can a democracy last when people equate obedience with
patroitism? When the freedom to dissent has been all but eliminated. When the public becomes a majority of yes-men (or yes-women). When everyday hypocrisy is ignored and fear is used to sedate reason.

How long can freedom be maintained with a public constituting of mostly cattle that want safety, not free-will?

What I find most horrifying is not GW's policies or the Iraq War. Those are just the consequences of complacency. The complacency of the American Public to let liars and crooks manipulate your great institutions of democracy. When will the American Public act to rectify their mistake and take back the freedom that their forefathers fought and died for?

The post that you replied to, sadly, is the modus operandi of most Americans I have met. They are very nice people, but absolutely blind and batshit loco when it comes to their president.

America will you just follow blindly into the path of neo-facism and imperialism under the guise of patriotism and American Pride? Has none of you read about the so called "Holy Roman Empire" or studied the fall of any civilization. Have you seen V for Vendetta?

There are stark similarities. History is repeating and the new dark ages maybe approaching on the horizon.