Sunday, January 28, 2007


On Friday, I posted the saga of the purloined letter by Przybelski. The paper went so far as to remove his letter from their online edition due to one intrepid blogger's efforts to expose the letter as being copied.

Well, the Saturday edition brought a notice printed in the hard copy versions of the paper which said this (there doesn't seem to be a link):

Letter lifted from Web site blog

A letter in Thursday's edition about World War II radio personality "Tokyo Rose" bore a strong resemblance to an article at a blogger's Web site,
Much of the letter, published under the headline "Words of WWII still ring true," was verbatim to the blog.
Dick Przybelski of Petal, who submitted the letter, said Friday the information in the letter was sent to him by a friend. He said parts of the information that attacked Democrats were deleted before he submitted the letter.
He said he also changed the syntax in a number of instances in what was sent to him.
The letter should have stated that much of the information was created by the blogger and was not the original work of Przybelski.

Hey, at least they gave credit where credit was due, right?

No seriously, I don't expect personal credit or anything, but why not mention that the forum discovered this and brought it to their attention? I know for a fact that they have been concerned about driving traffic to their forum, and here was a perfect opportunity to show that the forum can be an interesting, educational, and lively place (not really, but you know...)

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