Wednesday, January 05, 2005


To see whether the Democrats will step up or puss out. It ain't gonna make Kerry president, but it will tarnish Bush's much-ballyhooed mandate. As Randi Rhodes pointed out this afternoon, the best possible outcome of Conyers' Challenge will result in the President being determined by the House Of Representatives. So in 2000, he was appointed by the Supreme Court and in 2004 he was "elected" by the House of Representatives. Thom Hartmann lays out how it all works in this excellent article:

Electors have already met in the various states to vote, but that vote will not be opened until Thursday, January 6th. If Conyers' protest is matched by the protest of at least one single senator, then the House and Senate retire to their respective chambers for a maximum of two hours to debate the legitimacy of the Ohio (and, possibly, other) electoral slates. After two hours, with a maximum of 5 minutes for any member to speak, a vote is taken. If both the House and the Senate vote by majority to sustain the challenge, then the presidential vote goes to the House of Representatives, where each state has a single vote.

So the House only gets to vote on the matter if majorities in both houses agree to sustain the challenge--which they probably won't do since they're both controlled by Republicans. But at least the evidence will get an airing and the story will be so big that the mainstream media cannot ignore it. But then again, they might ignore it by covering it--just give it a few lines or a couple minutes and then move on to the regularly scheduled broadcast of "Reforming By Deformity--Tax Codes, Social Security, and Torts."

Not That It Matters...

But whatever became of the issue of whether or not Bush properly served out his time in the National Guard?

I was thinking of a couple other stories along these lines that were a big splash at one time but now are completely dropped, but I forgot them between the time I thought of them and now, when I'm typing. Oh well...

Oh, one other thing--let's get the hell out of Iraq!! It was a bad idea to do it in the first place, now it's just a death trap for everyone involved.

Oh yeah, Gonzales' confirmation will be on C-Span tomorrow also...whew--a busy news day.

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