Friday, January 07, 2005


I am going to try something different this year...I'm going to try to keep a running list of the songs that tickle my fancy. Some I'll comment on, others I won't. That doesn't really say anything about the quality of the music one way or another--if I comment, it's only because I could think of something to say. So here's the first installment:

Rainstick Orchestra-The Floating Glass Key In The Sky: Trick, Electric Counterpoint Fast
Dexateens-Red Dust Rising: Pine Belt Blues, Bitter Scene, Pistol Totin’ Man, Devoted To Lonesome [these guys kick ass and they come from right up the road in Tuscaloosa, AL--strange that their website doesn't mention their great new record. It's more "together" than the first one, but it still rocks loose and beautiful]
The Coke Dares-Here We Go With...: Disappearing Up The Wizard’s Sleeve, Black Beauties [short tunes-32 songs in 32 minutes--like if the Minutemen played power chords]
Brice-Cabin Capers: True Love [unpolished (in a good way) earnest pop rock]
Hexstatic-Master-View: Distorted Minds, Extra Life, Chase Me, Pulse [I have already paid money to get this--that's the highest praise I can give something like this because I can copy the one from our station any time I care to, but this thing is awesome--the DVD is brilliant and can be appreciated by toddlers and stoners alike]
Low-The Great Destroyer: Just Stand Back, Broadway (So Many People) [more raucous than I remember them, but just as good if not better than their other stuff]

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