Thursday, January 20, 2005


I didn't get to watch any of the inauguration proceedings today. But even if I hadn't taken my son to the doctor for booster shots, I wouldn't have watched it anyway. Now's the time to start kicking ass, though, because Bush is just getting warmed up.

And it occurs to me that the biggest lesson learned from his father was to have a war and keep it going at election time. Bush Sr. had a war all right, but it ended far too quickly and was a distant memory at election time. It's a foolproof strategy--no incumbent president has ever lost in wartime. So the obvious lesson? Have a war going on during the election!

If it wasn't for this stupid, useless, retarded, illegal and immoral war, Bush wouldn't have won--I mean, he wouldn't have been able to steal just enough votes to avoid street riots. So he's promised us more of the same to set up his Republican successor, to wit:

The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.

I'm going to make a prediction--there will be a George W. Bush war going on in 2008, and the Republican nominee will be touted as having been instrumental in its execution and planning. The appeals will be to support our troops and to support the white man who has Bush' stamp of approval. And this war will continue to be validated as a response to "global terror" (read: vengeance for 9/11) and/or to do what Bush said today, to contribute to "the expansion of freedom in all the world."
So there will be a war going on in 2008 unless we all turn so powerfully against it that it makes war unpopular. Let's make the war unpopular!!!!

Always remember, George W. Bush is programmed to say the opposite of what he means. The first sentence in that quote above is to let you know that torture, detainment without charges, curtailment of civil liberties, and so forth will intensify. And the second sentence means that there will be ceaseless wars which will bankrupt the national treasury, cause curtailment (if not elimination) of social spending, and enrich the few at the expense of thousands of lives.

The Hunting Of The President

Kind of like how Kenneth Starr was called the "independent" counsel in the Whitewater investigation. That lets you know that he was a tool of the right-wing. Watched "The Hunting Of The President" today, you know, the movie about the plot to bring Clinton down.

Almost $100 million was spent, and Clinton was never found guilty of one thing. Not one. But that doesn't matter, because he was eviscerated. The Democratic party was eviscerated. The point was never necessarily to convict Clinton, the point was just to diminish him, turn people against him, make him the object of ridicule and scorn and basically invalidate his presidency. Those motherfuckers did a pretty fine job of that.

And now we have Bush. He says his moment of accountability has come and gone, and the American people said they approved of what he's doing. Even though he stole the 2000 election, ignored terrorism, created the largest budget deficits in history by taking the unprecedented step of cutting taxes for the rich during wartime, presided over the first net loss of jobs since Herbert Hoover (who ushered in the Depression), lied us into war, and has no charisma and is a fucking piss-poor public speaker. The American people approved him.

Clinton gets a blow job, right wing says he should hang.
Bush lies about WMD, right wing says he's "protecting us."

Oh,Christ almighty...I'm too tired to type anymore, but "Hunting of The President" is really good. Susan McDougal kicked ass...

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Anonymous said...

your prediction sounds entirely, scarily, plausible. let's hope you're wrong!