Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Today has been the deadliest day for American troops in Iraq. Thirty-one Marines died in a helicopter crash. They weren't even granted the "privilege" of dying in battle.

Bush continues his rants about freeing the whole world, to wit:

"I firmly planted the flag of liberty for all to see that the United States of
America hears their concerns and believes in their aspirations. And I am excited
by the challenge and am honored to be able to lead our nation in the quest of
this noble goal, which is freeing people in the name of peace."

Bush credits himself with planting the "flag of liberty." His response to the 31 dead Marines?

"But it is the long-term objective that is vital, and that is to spread

We're "spreading" "freedom", dontcha know! Yeah, yeah, he says, too bad those dudes died and all, but hey--FREEDOM! How long is "long-term," I wonder? Bush won't say. New Secretary of Stat(us quo) Rice won't say. Specifically, I mean. They will never commit themselves to a timetable for withdrawal or for the end of the war.

And of course that's because their plan is for the war to be endless. And while we are busy exporting "freedom" to other nations, our own freedoms are being sacrificed . Our money is being thrown away to guarantee other country's "liberty" while our schools are crumbling, prices continue to rise, and wages stagnate and/or fall.

Notice how you and most people you know have a lot of debt? It's because you're paying for someone else's "freedom" while your brothers and sisters and friends and family die in helicopter crashes in Middle Eastern countries. And nothing helps promote family values and the "culture of life" quite like a primary wage-earner being turned into cannon fodder in godforsaken hellholes.

We spend more on incarceration than we do on education. We spend more on annihilation than we do on education.

Stop the war on our citizens and stop the war in Iraq!

Don't Forget The $80 Billion

Eighty billion more? Jesus Christ! At least this article points out that pre-war estimates were in the neighborhood of $50 billion for the cost of the Iraq war. So much for the Iraq oil paying for the occupation. So much for the war getting cheaper and easier as time goes on. McClellan says

"you have to be prepared for the unexpected, and you have to be flexible enough to adapt to circumstances on the ground. And it's important that you give the commanders on the ground the flexibility they need to adapt to changing circumstances. And that's what we will always do. That's how you are able to succeed and complete the mission.''

What is "success"? When is the mission "completed"? How many helicopter loads of soldiers have to die until that day comes? Bush won't tell you. He won't ever define "success" in anything but general, vague terms so that he can't be held accountable later. "Success" is supposedly when Iraqis have "freedom." That could be Feb. 1 or it could be never, the Bushies seem to imply.

Elections in Iraq

One more come the Iraqis get to have their election on the weekend, when most people don't have to work? Why are ours on weekdays, when people have to work and make special plans to go and do their civic duty?

And thisyear's deficit will break last year's record, which was itself a record, according to USA Today. If a Democrat was doing this, there would be howls of righteous indignation. When a Republican does it, people yawn and go back to sleep.


What a coincidence that the Senate confirms a new Sec. of State who was one of the principal salespeople for the war we're paying for on the deadliest day for troops in Iraq. She got confirmed by a vote of 85-13. That's pathetic on so many levels--only 13 people willing to stand against lies and death, 85 people (including lots of Democrats) willing to endorse someone who, as National Security Director failed to protect our national security.

It reminds me of why Tenet got the Medal of Freedom. It wasn't for being a great CIA chief, it was for taking the fall for Bush, if Bob Woodward is to be believed. After all, Bush wasn't sold on the idea that Iraq had WMD, according to Woodward. Bush only acted against Iraq when Tenet assured him that WMD were a "slam dunk" case against Iraq. Supposedly Bush had his doubts but Tenet pushed him over the edge. Since Tenet never ratted Bush out, he gets a medal. Since Rice didn't and won't rat Bush out, she gets to be Secretary of State.

Nice work if you can get it, I suppose..

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