Thursday, September 16, 2004

THANK YOU IVAN a vote for Bush is a vote for the smell of urine (and that's just gross)...

Thank you Ivan, for moving just to the east of Mobile Bay so that we here in South Mississippi missed the brunt of it. But we boarded a few windows...I think with this busy hurricane season we're just going to leave 'em boarded up for the time being.

I watched half of "Hardball" half-heartedly...I hope The Daily Howler does a piece on today's episode...This whole mess about CBS documents and Bill Burkett and all of this is too much. Damn, these Rapepublicans are pros at media manipulation!! They've got everyone talking about "apparent forgeries" and this document expert and that secretary all recanting or acknowledging one thing while denying another and they forget the whole point of it, fake memos or not, which is:

...Rather said CBS' critics have never attacked the thrust of the network's story: that Mr. Bush received preferential treatment to get into the National Guard and stay stateside during the Vietnam War, and failed to satisfy the requirements of his service.

That's from the CBS website. That's the whole point, and no one seems to have the inclination, or the energy, or whatever to even discuss Ben Barnes' admission that he pulled strings to get Bush into the Guard.

Dodging the draft and dodging the truth

All of this reminds me of the Republican woman who called in to "Washington Journal" last week to report that Kerry had "dodged the draft" by enlisting in the Navy and volunteering to go to Vietnam. Say whaaaaa!?!?!

But while all this stupid shit is being dissected down to its infinitesimal protoplasm, I didn't hear word one on any cable news show about Kofi Annan synthesizing all the latest info about pre-war Iraq intelligence into the declaration that the Iraq war was "illegal." But I guess that's because the U.N. is nothing more than a dirty toilet for us to take a piss in whenever we feel like it--or so Bush and his disgraceful followers seem to feel.

Sweet Jesus, come on back and bring your children home...

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brad said...

What I find flabbergasting about the coverage of these documents is that Laura Bush's statement about how she believes these documents are "probably forgeries" is presented as if she is denouncing those who would accuse her husband of not fulfilling his duty. But why is no one pointing out that Bush's own WIFE is saying that they are "PROBABLY forgeries," meaning that she doesn't know, meaning that she believes that it's possible that they could be real? One question to her husband would put the matter at rest, right? So why didn't she make the statement: "these are forgeries, my husband says so."