Tuesday, September 14, 2004

END THE WAR a vote for Bush is a vote for the terrorists...

Why won't they let anyone on TV who'll say three simple words: "end the war?"

Even the Guardsmen's wives on "Deborah Norville Tonight" wouldn't say it...instead, they talked about pride, not questioning their husbands' deployment, etc.

Why are we allowing this happy talk to continue?

Why are we maintaining a massive standing army?

Why do most mainstream pundits and reporters act like it may or may not be true that America antagonizes the world?

One lesson of the Cold War that is rarely brought up is that perceptions of threats differ. By which I mean, the conventional wisdom here in America is that we had to keep the
Soviets in check because their ideology advocated world domination. But what never seemed to acknowledge much then or now is that the Soviets felt the same way about us.

After all, the only country that has ever used a nuclear device in a war is...uh...us. Is it impossible to see how that might make say, everyone in the world afraid of us. While Bush goes on and on about the nuclear threat that MIGHT ONE DAY materialize and then never does, WE are the ones posing an actual, very real nuclear threat to the entire world.

Colin Powell admits WMD won't be found--he is a jackass.

John McCain says we can't give "sanctuary" to the "insurgents" in Iraq--he is a jackass. Would he rather we just took out the whole civilian population in order to kill a few bad apples?

And why are we letting this happen? What is wrong with us? Why aren't we all yelling and screaming for the end of the war?

Scalia's thugs kinda apologize....

And the hurricane approaches...

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