Thursday, September 09, 2004

DO EVIL DEAD REPUBLICANS NEVER SLEEP? a vote for Bush is a vote for the end of the world...

"Stolen Honor?" Angry P.O.W.s accusing John Kerry of making life worse for them in prison camps? What will they think of next? Who the fuck knows?

I mean, this just gets more and more ridiculous. First the Swift Boats and now this? And the cable/radio people are gonna give it more free airtime?

When are they gonna run out of ammo? When are they (by which I mean the Re-fuck-licans) gonna feel shame? It looks like never!

They've done Dukakis, Clinton, McCain, Cleland, Gore, and now Kerry...are they trying to provoke open riots in the streets?

Kerry--please take off the gloves and lay into these motherfuckers. No, wait, JFK...we know you've killed men before, but wait. That's what they gotta get some surrogates to do it for you. But get some real surrogates with some real points and some real thirst for blood, not these namby-pamby nicey-mice we've been seeing.

Hard To Get Traction In Mud

Just when I was hoping that the Bush Guard failure was going to get some traction, Chris Matthews does two segments on "Stolen Honor." John Kerry didn't steal these men's honor. John Kerry was trying to END THE WAR SO THEY COULD COME HOME! And he did it (with lots of help of course).

And by the way ONCE AND FOR ALL...Kerry's Senate testimony, his remarks on "Meet The Press," etc. all point to the White House and the Defense Department as the war criminals, not the rank and file. AND, when he talked about atrocities, he specifically said he didn't see them personally, but he merely repeated what other people had already ADMITTED to. Chris Matthews, please understand this now rather than having to write a mea culpa about it after the election...

Shut Up, They Say

And you know what all this stolen honor bullshit is about, don't you? All this talk of how Kerry's service during the war was perfectly honorable and legitimate (they say, trying to pass themselves off as civil and courteous) but it was speaking out against the war afterward that deserves revulsion--what they're collectively saying is--don't question Lord King Bush at all, ever, but particularly not during a war!

And we will be "at war" all the time, so that criticism will be frowned upon, and Kerry will be used as an example of that--like, don't be like John Kerry, who undermined the troops who were still in harm's way. That's the worst, they'll argue...oh, they especially want to use this as an example to soliders returning from Iraq who might be moved to speak out against our current campaign of terrorist recruitment.

It's a not-so-subtle object lesson for the new veterans, i.e., see John Kerry? He thought he was doing something good, but it hurt people and it's never left him, not even when he's trying to run for president. Just think what we can do to you, Mr. and Ms. Iraq Veteran, if you dare to speak out against this war. Do you want to get the Kerry treatment?

This Is Chilling

It's chilling, is what it is. And I don't know what to do about it, except hope that the voting public's better nature will prevail. But it won't, I know...

But even with all of this, I'll say again with utmost confidence--Kerry will get the most votes. We learned this last time with Gore. Kerry will get the most votes. I'm not saying he'll be inaugurated, but he'll get the most votes, despite all of this.

Because Kerry and Vietnam Veterans Against The War did the right thing in working to end the Vietnam War. Everyone knows it, even Karl Rove and George Bush. But the warmongers can't admit that, especially now, when we're embroiled in our own mistaken war. Bush can't afford to have people questioning that--not right when he's trying to get re-elected.

So the Republicans are treating Vietnam and opposition to Vietnam as a symbol for Iraq. Vietnam was necessary and opposition was wrong, they say, knowing that the unwashed will pick up on the signal that that's the way to feel about Iraq, also. And just like Vietnam, Bush isn't doing the right thing in Iraq...He is a disgrace and so are all who vote for him.

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