Monday, September 27, 2004

I GOT POLLED a vote for Bush is a vote for Satan...

I answered the phone even though the Caller ID said "out of area." Turns out it was a woman from "ICR"--International Communications Research.

I thought it might be a survey about the election once she assured me that she wasn't making a sales call. However, she started off with questions about whether I had a)taken on a lot of debt, b) taken on a little debt, c) paid off a little debt, or d)paid off a lot of debt. And then more debt questions. And then age range questions. Then health insurance questions. Then lifestyle questions.

Then, finally--who would you vote for, Kerry or Bush? I said "Kerry, baby! Now go put that on CNN!"

Then there were a whole bunch of follow-up questions, among them, what is my preference of copying machine in the office in which I work, etc. She asked a few more election/policy-related questions, like did I agree with the abolition of the inheritance tax (no) or what do I see as the biggest problem in the country (job market, health care cost, war in Iraq, etc.)

Anyway, I've never been polled before for an election. And I've never heard of ICR before. Hopefully the survey will serve some good purpose.

My interview with Thomas Frank went well and will hopefully air on Friday...

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