Tuesday, May 04, 2004


So now we're not just killing Iraqi citizens in battles in this illegal, immoral war, we now have to humiliate them as we privatize their country and call it "liberation". That's just swell. I thought, and I'm sure the Iraqis wanted to believe that, as Bush said "The tyrant has fallen." Oh really? Or did Saddam Hussein just morph into George W. Bush? That would be a great image for a Kerry attack ad.

And please let there be lots of Kerry attack ads. Lots and lots...and I cannot wait for "Fahrenheit 9/11"...And what's this crap about Kerry not being likable? He's plenty likable and not only that, unlike some people, he volunteered for service in Vietnam and received 3 Purple Hearts and the Bronze and Silver stars. Lest we forget. If that ain't commander-in-chief material, I don't know what is...maybe skipping out on National Guard duty and getting 5 deferments qualifies...interesting, I just noticed that for each of Kerry's military honors, Cheney got a deferment...All I know is, whenever I apply for a job, they want me to have some experience doing the job (and when it comes to fighting wars, whether they be against actual enemy soldiers or on terror, drugs, poverty, or what have you, Kerry beats Bush hands down in the experience department)...whether or not they like me or care if I'm a Christian or not is usually quite secondary.

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