Friday, April 30, 2004


Not much to say today other than that the U.S. should get out of Iraq, get rid of the tax cuts for the wealthy, let gay people get married, and impeach Bush, among several hundred other things. After yesterday's fiasco before the 9/11 Commission, Bush comes off smelling like a rose ("We answered all the questions"--as Special Ed would say, "El Yay!").

And then Drudge was on "Washington Journal" this morning trying to make a big deal out of Bob Kerrey leaving the Dick Bush hearing early. I don't see why he even went at all. We'll never know for sure what was said, because it wasn't recorded by a tape or even a court reporter...oh wait, I talked about that already. If every member of the 9/11 Commission had sat at home picking their noses it would have been more productive than yesterday's session. More productive for the commissioners, anyway. The meeting was plenty productive for Dick Bush, who said they "enjoyed it" and were able to reveal "how we handle threats."

Well, we didn't have to have Dick Bush tell us how he handles threats because we already know his methods--he goes on vacations and/or flies around the country from Air Force base to Air Force base while cities burn. Or he complains that threat warnings were not specific enough for him (the friggin' President Of These United States) to do anything about.

OK, enough of that. Finally got a LiteOn DVD + R burner at Hudson's last night. It was only $66 and appears to work just fine, judging by the 4 GB DVD of mp3s I was able to burn last night... I was able to pop it right into our Dell machine with no problem--I will agree that one should be happy upon hearing the words "Dude, you're getting a Dell." Best computer my wife and I have owned so far. Also got some DVDs--first season of Chappelle's show, a couple of Baby Einsteins, and a yoga instructional and the Samurai Jack movie.

Oh, and I just remembered--got an intriguing pitch from BellSouth about their DSL service from the nicest Asian Indian man...more on that later...

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