Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Let's make something clear: John Kerry volunteered for Vietnam, was wounded three times, and was allowed to finish out his tour doing non-combat duties. He was awarded three Purple Hearts and the Bronze and Silver Stars.

George W. Bush did not volunteer for service in Vietnam and was therefore not eligible for any medals. But neither was he in the line of fire--hell, there's still doubt whether or not he was even where the National Guard required him to be at the time they required him to be there.

So Bush had no medals to throw at a protest, even if he had separated the medals from the ribbons. Maybe he didn't get soured on the Vietnam War because he never drew fire from Charlie! Being shot at and wounded and seeing your friends die in some godforsaken foreign country has a different effect on a person than being allowed to do whatever the hell you feel like doing (i.e., working on campaigns, going to business school) whenever you want while still in your home country.

The Repubes surely understand all this, they're just willfully ignoring the facts that make their man look like maybe he shouldn't be commander in chief compared to the other guy that wants his job. For a group of people who claim to be such veteran-worshippers, the Repubes (yes, as in pubic hair--surely people who don't mind the term "Feminazi" can see the humor in this harmlessly accurate jibe) certainly are doing a fine job of smearing and impugning the character of one who they would normally be arguing should be treated with a respect--nay, slack-jawed awe--usually reserved only for saints and Ronald Reagan.

It's sickeningly revelatory of the Republican mindset that they could argue that Kerry is all but a traitor for throwing some ribbons that he was awarded during legitimate, verified, unquestionable service in combat while portraying Bush as an infallible deity who sees and knows all things despite the fact that he never served in combat and kinda-but-not-really finished out his service in the National Guard.

When a reasonable, fair-minded person takes this into account with about 999 other facts, how could that reasonable, fair-minded person not come to the conclusion that George W. Bush should concede the election to Kerry right now and let a real hero and statesman take the reins?

Rock Against Bush Update

Apparently ripping down our station's "Rock Against Bush" poster had no effect on airplay, because it was number one in our Top 30 this week. Take that, ya vandals!!!!

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