Friday, April 23, 2004


At the Mississippi public radio station where I work, we received the album "Rock Against Bush" and a promotional poster to go with it. I hesitated to put out the poster at first because I figured it would be torn down or defaced immediately. Well, it wasn't immediate, but it didn't take long. Today I discovered that it had indeed been torn down and other posters around it (and sharing it's tacks) were still flapping in the air conditioning when I noticed it. I figured it had just happened, but I didn't see anyone around, so there was no one to yell at or chase down. However, I took a quick look in a nearby trash can and there it was. It was wadded up but not torn or anything. So I smoothed it out and put it back up.

Something similar happened a couple months ago to the "Impeach Bush" sign in my front yard. I happened to be out in the yard in the general vicinity of where the sign had been earlier that day and found myself tripping over the metal stand where the sign had been. I wasn't able to find that sign, though. It wasn't exactly cheap and I doubt Bush will be impeached (even thought there's ample cause)anyway, so I didn't replace it. I'm waiting for the same thing to happen to the Kerry sign that's out there now...but we do have plenty of replacements for that one...

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