Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Sweet Jesus, they cut off that dude's head. That's sick--that's terrible. But dude, what the hell was Nick doing in Iraq in the first place? Not that ineptitude makes his death any less sick or tragic, but this is why most people don't go to the Middle East at all and particularly when there's a war going on. And particularly when one has no real prospects there, one's just trying to drum up some business.

I mean, that's how I look at it. I stay here, I keep my head. I go to Iraq, it might get removed.

And all the Repubes are up in arms about what they perceive as less outrage over Berg's gruesome fate than there is over the prison scandal. Well, of course people are outraged about Berg, but even more outrage is due us because: 1)don't forget, we invaded Iraq without provocation, 2)we always claim we're noble and good and don't violate human rights, and 3)NONE of this would be happening if George friggin' Bush hadn't dragged us into this illegal, immoral conflict.

Can we please leave Iraq now? I mean now. Like, within five minutes. "Oh, we have to stay the course or Iraq will fall into chaos," some say. How many other countries are there in this world that are in utter chaos right now that we are not occupying? I don't know--Sudan, Colombia, Congo, etc. The chaos caused by our leaving will not mean the end of America. We'll just treat Iraq like all the other chaotic countries.

OK--no time for links or anything else. About to be late...I liked this Pravda article...

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