Wednesday, May 19, 2004


So it's "terrorism" if a Palestinian suicide bomber gets on a bus and blows up innocent Israeli civilians, but somehow it's not if Israeli helicopters and tanks fire on a crowd that is on its way to stage a peaceful protest? That's the problem with throwing around the term "terrorist"--any political group can say it about any other political group and it will be essentially true. So the word doesn't even really have any meaning, except to demonize a group of people or to excuse retaliation ("but they were terrorists, so we had to respond").

That's Bush's way of thinking. Speaking at the AIPAC gathering yesterday, he repeated his insane mumbo-jumbo about how "Israel has the right to defend herself" from terrorism. Every country, indeed every person, has the right to defend themselves. But firing on peaceful crowds from the air is not defense, it's offense. Or, in a word, "terrorism."

So the Palestinians are terrorists, the Israelis are terrorists, the good ol' U.S. is a terrorist nation, and so forth. Let's face it. We've all got blood on our hands. We need to stop the finger-pointing and try to figure out a way for us to stop killing each other and blaming each other.

Not brilliant, I know, but it's all I got...after watching the aftermath of the helicopter raid this morning, I just wonder how long we'll let this "terrorist" blame game go on. People are people, for Christ's sake...

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