Sunday, March 05, 2006


There is but one Planned Parenthood office in the entire state of Mississippi, and it's right across the highway from my neighborhood. Apparently, post-Katrina, their caseload has doubled...

But you know those fun-lovin' Republicans--screw what the needs of women planning is for witches, and all that...

And could this be the reason why Mississippi falls for this fascist crap? And might there be fewer dropouts if Planned Parenthood had an office in every county? Y'know, so teenage mothers don't drop out of school to take care of children that they shouldn't have in the first place?

And a letter to the editor of mine appeared in the Hattiesburg American's a representative quote:

This just goes to show that those of us who oppose the war are not crazy, and we're not alone. In fact, we're in the right and we're in the majority. As of this writing, only 34 percent of the country approve of the job Bush is doing, and only 30 percent approve of his immoral, unjust invasion and occupation of Iraq. Even 72 percent of our troops say we should leave Iraq within a year.

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