Monday, March 06, 2006


Finally getting to watch the Harper's forum on "Is There A Case For Impeachment?" on C-Span 2. It's very inspiring--Elizabeth Holtzman pointed out that the move for impeachment has to come from the public, like it did in the case of Nixon...

The Congress doesn't want to deal with impeachment, so they have to be forced into it...

So let's force them, shall we? We should ask ourselves every day, "what am I doing to help cause the impeachment of George W. Bush?" And forget the fact that it's a guy named "George W. Bush." If the President's name was "Franklin Roosevelt" and the person that bore that name had done these things:

1. Presided over the worst terrorist attack in American history
2. As a result of that attack, rammed through a law that removed civil liberties of American citizens
3. Began a program of spying on American citizens without warrants in clear violation of U.S. law
4. Made a case for war against a country that never attacked us by distorting, exaggerating, and outright lying about that country
5. Began a war of aggression against a country that had never attacked us, in violation of all international laws and norms
6. Detained American citizens without charge or representation, in contravention of U.S. law and the U.S. Constitution
7. Tortured prisoners in contravention of international laws and norms
8. Oversaw the worst labor market since the Great Depression
9. Began his first term in office having lost the popular vote and being installed by a one-vote difference in the Supreme Court
10. Created the biggest deficit in the history of the country
11. Repeatedly gave tax cuts to the wealthy while poverty has increased every year he's been in office

And that's just of the top of my fucking head...write letters to the editor, organize marches, play benefit concerts, hold signs up in noonday traffic, write your representatives, write books, make speeches, organize forums, put signs in your yard, talk to your friends, neighbors, fellow church members, wear T-shirts, get bumper stickers...Let's do this!!!

And so forth and so on...

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