Monday, March 13, 2006


So the restoration of "investor confidence" is the main objective in dealing with Iran? Mr. Straw seems to be tipping his hand a little more than he probably means to with this statement...

'The result of Iran putting itself beyond the pale in the international community has been a serious damage to investor confidence,' he said.
'The Iranian stock exchange, which is actually quite busy normally, has declined significantly.'
'There's been a flight of capital out of the country and even more worrying for the regime, the brightest and the best of Iranians continue to leave the country in large numbers.'

But it's good that he did, because it exposes the true face of economic imperialism...I haven't read the full text of his remarks, so I'm not exactly sure which investors are losing confidence, but I assume he means Western investors. And God knows that Western investors should not have their confidence shaken--it is their God-given right to be able to maximize profit at the expense of all else, especially at the expense of the rights of non-Westerners.

This is what's wrong with the world, friends--the profit motive uber alles.

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