Monday, May 02, 2005


Saw some cool stuff on Book TV this weekend--the LA Times Book Festival. Arianna's letting her hair grow out...nice. I thought Amy Goodman handled the jarhead Bush plant in the audience very well. I also liked her comment about the difference between CNN and al-Jazeera: CNN shows where the U.S. missiles take off and al-Jazeera shows where they land.

Also picked up a few DVDs this weekend--Bill Hicks and Zappa among them. They both stick it to the Repukelicans, so that's an added bonus.

Got a letter to the editor printed this past Friday, my sister's birthday. Here's a link until it goes dead and the whole text is below (with their headline included)...

No justification for the Iraq war

The top weapons inspector in Iraq has now concluded, once and for all, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in the several years prior to our illegal and immoral invasion of that country, and that there is no evidence that the nonexistent WMD were transferred to Syria, as some have argued.

Simply put, Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.

Remember, those figments of the Bush-Cheney imagination were the main justification for our ill-advised foray into Iraq. Remember Bush's reasoning as to why we had to invade Iraq? He said that we were "facing clear evidence of peril," that "we cannot wait for the final proof - the smoking gun - that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud."

A new Gallup poll this week shows that 50 percent of Americans think that Bush misled the country about WMD. Last week Gallup had a poll showing that 53 percent of Americans don't think the Iraq invasion was worth it. Public opinion is turning against this vile, foul war and with good reason.

The next time you go to the PX - I mean Wal-Mart - look around at the dozens of soldiers you see who are stationed at Camp Shelby before being shipped off to Iraq. How many of them will lose life or limb fighting in an illegitimate war whose main justification has now been proven false, and which is now unpopular with a majority of their countrymen?

How many will have to be sacrificed before we all take heed of those yellow ribbon magnets and really support our troops by ending the war and bringing the troops home?

Clinton Kirby,


Originally published April 29, 2005

They actually printed it right--no errors or anything. Unusual...

Also, great Raimondo article over at today...when he's on, he is indeed on. A little sample of his commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech:

Mission accomplished? If the mission was to create conditions giving rise to sectarian violence, a growing insurgency, and all-out civil war, while dragging us to the brink of bankruptcy, then, yes, you might say that. But only if you were Osama bin Laden.

They only need $60,000 to stay afloat this quarter. Please give 'til it hurts.

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