Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Jesus Christ on a pogo stick–so it comes out today that not only were there never WMD in Iraq when we were being told that failure to invade Iraq and slaughter hundreds of thousands of people and spend over $300 BILLION on our war machine would result in American cities being nuked, but Iraq never surreptitiously tried to send the nonexistent WMD to Syria or anywhere else.

Do you know why they couldn’t send the WMD to Syria or anywhere else?

Because they never had them to begin with! It was all a lie perpetrated by George “Killer” Bush’s corporate-ocracy!

If I had a child fighting in this illegal war right now, I would be so fucking pissed! That whole WMD thing was a snow job and now people’s kids, husbands, wives, etc. are being killed and/or wounded every day. For what? FOR GEORGE BUSH’S LIES!

And by the way, Clinton lied too, as have lots of other politicians. But Clinton got his dick sucked. George Bush is sending our sons and daughters to their deaths and squandering our money on a war that is illegal, immoral, ill-advised, and now, apparently by his government’s own admission, completely for naught...

The Wising Up Part

But lo, what doth I see? New polls showing that a majority of Americans are catching on the the fact that George W. Bush is a rapacious, psychopathic pinhead and the most dangerous person in the world. Here’s the skinny from the Washington Post:

The survey found that Bush's overall job approval rating stood at 47 percent, matching his all-time low in Post-ABC News polls. Half disapproved of the job he is doing as president.

On several other key measures of performance, Bush's standing with the public was at or near new lows, with less than half the public supporting the way the president is handling the economy, energy policy and Iraq. Four in 10 approved of Bush's handling of the economy, down six points since the start of the year [This strikes me as not the best way to phrase this statistic--the setup in the preceding paragraph leads us to believe we're going to hear about the public's disapproval, but these disapproving statistics are phrased in terms of the public approving]. Slightly more than a third of the public approved of Bush's energy policies, and Americans were more inclined to blame the president rather than oil companies or other countries for soaring gasoline prices.

Just over four in 10 -- 42 percent -- endorsed the way the president
is dealing with the situation in Iraq, a slight increase from the all-time low
in March of 39 percent. Almost six in 10 (58 percent) said the United States has
gotten bogged down there, and 39 percent said they are confident Iraq will have
a stable, democratic government in a year [More with this confusing phrasing--wouldn't the point of all this be clearer if the text read thusly: "58 dislike the way the president is dealing with the situation in Iraq...etc."]

Bush continues to get strong marks on his handling of the campaign against terrorism, with 56 percent supporting his actions, down five points since January. But the survey also found that the sluggish economy has eclipsed terrorism on the public's list of top priorities, fueling Bush's drop in the polls.

A third of those interviewed (32 percent) said the economy should be the highest priority for the administration and Congress, up five points in the past month, followed by Iraq (22 percent) and health care (15 percent). Only 12 percent cited terrorism as the top issue, down five points since March.

Of course this is all great, but it’s too little too late–Bush is in for a second term. So what are we gonna do about it?

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