Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Hey, just curious—did you hear the pope died?
Did you hear that Tom DeLay’s hold on power is getting looser and looser?
Did you hear that Iraq declared a new president?
Did you hear about the helicopter crash in Afghanistan today that killed 18 American soldiers?

Well, even if you didn’t hear about that other stuff, at least you heard about the Pope. I mean, wow…it was so sudden and unexpected…

Songs Of ‘05

The new Of Montreal album “The Sunlandic Twins” is really cool. The melodic and lyrical invention is worth the price, and the funky bass just makes you glad you decided to pay attention.

Also, the new John Prine album “Fair & Square” is surprisingly enjoyable. I’m surprised because I would’ve thought he’d be washed up and out of ideas by now. But he’s still got some “zazz,” if you know what I mean. He even takes a swipe at Bush, so that kicks ass off course.

Amy Ray’s new album “Prom” is also nice. I’m glad she’s getting to rock and talk about gay issues in a very open way.

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