Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Everybody wants to hurt him--or that's what Karl Rove wants you to think, so that everyone will love Dear Leader and have sympathy for him and acquiesce when he rises to smite the evildoers with his nuclear fist...first a "grenade" in Georgia, and today, a tiny plane comes within 3 miles of the White House. That shit sucks up all the ink and airtime, while much more important stories like the secret war memo and Tom Ridge's admission today that terror alerts were based on "flimsy" (i.e., politically motivated and campaign motivated) evidence are in the background.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out in six months or a year that the pilot of today's plane was personally hired by Karl Rove to fly near the White House so TV cameras could get a shot of it and the cops on the ground could make everybody run so that the Tom Ridge story would get little to no coverage. Such a story would come out on Raw Story or Americablog, maybe make A-17 of the New York Times, and that would be it. No one would ever be held accountable, just like what's happening with the war memo.

The war memo is the single most explosive piece of news to come out since the war started, and what do Rush and Chris Matthews talk about? Hillary Clinton's campaign staffer who's on trial. Because they have to start smearing her now (not that they haven't been smearing her all along). It's never too early to start your election smears. See, they have to start doing it now so that this will drag on for three years and people will just be sick of Hillary Clinton in the news and not want to have anything to do with her just because of that.


The Kurt Vonnegut postcard to Iraq that's making the rounds today is quite Dickhead Rumsfeld said, "Freedom is messy"...


Jami said...

I've found that the Republican attacks have turned me, at least, into a Hillary super-fan. I think a lot of people will be tired of the attacks, they know who to blame for it, and they'll see Hillary for what she is: the object of tremendous Republican terror.

David R. Mark said...

Is Chris Matthews a liberal? Conservatives say, "Look at his resume," and point with glee at his work with Tip O'Neill and Jimmy Carter.

But liberals know better. They know that what really matters is what comes out of Matthews' mouth night-in and night-out.

The latest example is Matthews' shameful show from May 10, in which he rants about Hillary Clinton's possible guilt-by-association in a fund-raising scandal, even as the court's trial judge and prosecutor each have made it known Clinton was completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

It's pure conservative spin, but that's what liberals should expect from MSNBC's resident blustermouth.

David R. Mark
Journalists Against Bush's B.S.