Thursday, May 11, 2006


...because Bush said they weren't.

In an AP story that I got off the wire (don't know if there's a link for it), the first sentence says this:

The White House says the domestic spying it carries out is "lawful, necessary,
and required to protect Americans from terrorist attacks."
Which is how we know that the domestic spying is illegal, unnecessary, and doesn't protect Americans from terrorist attacks. I found that last part the most laughable--monitoring phone calls by American citizens (supposedly just to create a database of calling habits, not listening to conversations) has nothing to do with preventing terror attacks, because terrorist attacks are caused by antagonizing other countries. Like Iraq, for example. So they can be prevented by not doing such things. Since he took office (and especially since the Iraq invasion), Bush has been creating the perfect conditions for blowback and more terrorist attacks.

He is a madman that no one likes and is a mortal threat to the Constitution.

Have a nice day...make sure to say hello to the NSA when you call your grandmother in Slidell...

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