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I'm a bit late with these comments about Stephen Colbert's historic comic performance on April 29...but I've been sick and trying to get to bed early...

I don't see how anyone who doesn't work either a)for the Bush administration or b)for the media couldn't see the sheer, exhilirating hilarity of Colbert's performance. I say it goes down in history as one of the baddest-ass, ballsiest, most fearless, dead-on, deadly, acidic, satiric, and oh yeah--funniest comic bits in the world.

Forget Carlin and Bruce and Hicks and Kaufman--they're all brilliant and legendary. But this Colbert--magnifico! Right in their faces! Right under their noses! Many a truth spoken in jest!

750 Laws

All hail King George the first...or since he's a Jr...isn't he really the second...but his father wasn't a king...oh well--all hail King Dumbya! But seriously, this story about how Bush's signing statements have led him to bypass laws passed by Congress could not be more frightening. As we all know, Bush has never vetoed a single bill--it turns out that he never felt he had to because he just added signing statements to his signature that direct the rest of the executive branch to ignore the parts of bills that he thought trampled on what his interpretation of his constitutional power is.

And that's the scary part--the dictatorial part--his signing statements are based on what he thinks his constitutional power is. But if you got a even a D in a civics class in junior high, you know that that ain't how it works here in the good ol' U.S. of A. We got checks and balances...or we're supposed to. I mean...ideally, we wouldn't be a one-party government and Congress would...I don't know, hold hearings or...order investigations or something...


Got word from Techno Slavery that "Loose Change" and its creator Dylan Avery are going to have a higher profile in the next few months as the movie may be shown in theaters, there may be a show about it on Spike TV or MTV or something.

I did some reading about the movie today, specifically about criticisms of the movie. Like Wikipedia itself says that some people think the fact that Wikipedia is used as a source in the movie is questionable because of the nature of Wikipedia.

I'm not going to argue for or against Wikipedia (I think it's accurate--and I have found that if the accuracy of an article is in question, that is stated in the Wikipedia entry), but I will argue for "Loose Change."

Here are the parts of the movie that really changed my mind about the official 9/11 story (which I never really questioned until I saw the movie):

1. The video footage from the Pentagon: There's no plane, there's nothing--just an explosion. You cannot see a plane hitting the Pentagon in the five frames of footage that were released. We know (and they know we know) more footage exists, why won't they release it?

2. The nature of the WTC buildings coming down (and the fact that they came down at all): I never knew that there were other buildings that were comparable to the WTC buildings that had been hit by planes or burned for hours on end and never fallen down. In fact, neither before nor since 9/11 has any building comparable to the WTC has ever collapsed neatly into itself (or collapsed at all) due to fire. Yet on that one day, 3 buildings came down? And you can see in the videos where what looks like detonation charges are going off before the destruction from the top gets to the lower levels.

And Building 7 is the most damning to me--Larry Silverstein is on camera saying that he decided to "pull," that is to say, "demolish with explosives" Building 7 on 9/11. The type of neat demolition that is clearly displayed with Building 7's collapse is not achieved in one day. Silverstein couldn't have watched what happened all day on September 11th, watched Building 7 burn a little bit, then call in a demolition team that afternoon to set up explosives to bring down the building.
There would've been no way to get a demolition crew out to the WTC on Sept. 11--it was chaos down there.

That necessarily means that the building was mined with explosives for a controlled demolition BEFORE Sept. 11th. Why? Who the hell knows? Maybe in case the planes missed the towers? Maybe because a lot of important records were kept in Building 7 that some powerful people would want burned to a crisp? I don't know, but it's clear that Building 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition that was obviously planned for before 9/11 and since all three buildings fell neatly into their footprints just like in a controlled demolition, it makes scary, yet reasonable sense that the twin towers were also rigged that way.

3. There was no plane in Shanksville, PA. No bodies, no plane wreckage, no nothing. The scene looked almost as if something had been planted there in that field and a story concocted to "explain" it.

I can see how people bought into the official story as I did. That day was overwhelming, and I was watching it on TV from the comfort of my living room (though I had been scheduled to go to CMJ in New York that Thursday). All day long, there was, as you would expect, a barrage of reports on TV covering this aspect or that of the events, and they all basically jumbled together.
But one overall picture emerged, that all the reports began to include, and that is that it was the work of terrorists, and more than likely it was done by Osama bin Laden.

But I had to go to work, like everyone else, and couldn't follow TV reports all day. By the end of the day and into the days that followed, I pretty much accepted the story that al Qaeda did it, and that was that. I didn't hear the reports from the Pentagon and from Shanksville in real time saying that there were no planes and little to no wreckage. I didn't see those until I watched "Loose Change."

Like I say, I accepted the official story--it sounded plausible at the time. Everyone was just so hysterical and nationalistic about it, as I recall. I read some stories about it, but nothing that questioned the official story. I wasn't a news junkie then like I am now. I pretty much thought, "I know what happened, why read a bunch of depressing stories about it?"

So when I saw "Loose Change" and its inclusion of the reports from Sept. 11 of reporters saying there was no plane and no bodies in Shanksville, I was amazed. I was kind of ashamed of myself for not paying closer attention. I had been led to believe that there was clear-cut evidence of a plane crash in a field and all that, when in fact, there never was any such evidence. That's when I realized I'd been a sucker. And it was uncomfortable to realize that, but I figured that there was no time like the present to quit being one.

And that's all I can come up with off the top of my head...I'm still a little under the's only 9:20 and I can barely keep my eyes open...

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