Thursday, May 11, 2006


Joe Scarborough was just addressing this on his show, and I can't believe I could actually stand to sit and watch that guy for more than two seconds, but he was making perfect sense.

And the problem with the database is that it's too big. Why in heaven's name would the NSA need to collect data on 200 million Americans? Are we all suspects? The net it casts is too wide--dangerously wide.

Don't forget that this program, and as-yet-unleaked ones just like it, are NOT about stopping terrorism. They are about control of the populace. They are about blackmail--"Senator, we have the records of your phone calls to the Bunny Ranch; do we need to go public with this or are you going to see it our way." This program is about intimidation.

It's a dangerous progression (didn't want to say "slippery slope")

Big Brother is truly upon us. Don't we see? First, it's we have to check your bags coming in and out of transit stations and in and out of sporting events. Then it's you have to take your shoes off (at least) to get on a plane (if you're not on the no-fly list). Then it's you have to sign a list to buy legal drugs. Then it's you have to let your phone records be given to the government. What the hell will they want next?

We have to stop this before what's left of our civil liberties is gone. This cannot be allowed to go on. To borrow the words of Bush 41, "this must not stand."

And we shouldn't be intimidated by rhetoric like the former Bush employee spewed on Scarborough Country, i.e., "we haven't been attacked since 9/11," or "we are at war," or "this is part of the president's inherent authority, so he doesn't have to present it to Congress or anyone else."

That is how totalitarianism creeps in. And in this country, it's through creeping. Totalitarianism ain't a toddler anymore. He's in his late teens at least and he's growing up fast...

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