Tuesday, June 21, 2005


So Killen got convicted of manslaughter, not murder. Well, at least that's something.
Well, I'll say this, Killen and the KKK may have gotten rid of three civil rights workers, but the civil rights movement kicked their ass. It's still kicking their ass, and amen to that.


Oh the irony is so rich. Vietnam's prime minister comes to visit--he probably didn't have a problem with Bush, because Bush got out of having to fight against the Vietnamese. He was boldy and bravely not living up to his Air Guard commitments, remember? But Bush will finally get to see Vietnam next year, from the comfort of air-conditioned motorcades in exquisite government buildings. Unlike John Kerry, who first saw it through shrapnel and gunfire. But yeah, Bush is the big "commander-in-chief"...it's disgusting...

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