Tuesday, June 28, 2005


...if you work for Halliburton
...if you work for Fluor
...if you are Osama bin Laden

Really, can George Bush really convince people that this war is worth it? Hopefully not--people are finally starting to come around, based on a couple of recent polls. But we all know how to listen to a Bush speech--everything that he asserts as being true isn't. So when he says bullshit like "It is worth it," that means that in reality, the war isn't worth it, and so forth.

For the real dope on Iraq and how things have progressed, or rather, devolved, Antiwar.com had some great links today, this one from the Independent foremost among them...

Canada seems so civilized...they're going to legalize gay marriage. And I guess we'll just continue to oppress people down south in Washington D.C.

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