Thursday, June 16, 2005


Just watched most of the Conyers (God bless that man) hearing on C-Span 2. It re-airs tomorrow on C-Span 2 at 8:00 Eastern. It's good, real good...damn good. My wife says, "Yeah, but nobody's watching this." They may not have seen this hearing, or even the next few hearings, but there will be a hearing that the American public at large will be aware of and attend to.

What I found most pleasing about it was the frequent use of the word "impeachment" and the reassurance that the Downing Street Memo is in fact the "smoking gun" that proves Bush's mendacity. The witnesses at the hearing were spectacular--I had heard of John Bonifaz and Ray McGovern but hadn't seen them on TV (what a shock--what with our "liberal media" and all). Cindy Sheehan was very important to have on hand as well.

But yes, the Downing St. document is the smoking gun. On Countdown, James Vandehei of the Wash. Post tried to downplay it with the Repuke-lickin' talking points--there's nothing new in it, we've known everything in it for years now, etc. But he did point out--and in the process undermining his attempt to undermine the DSM--that the DSM is our first evidence on paper of what was going on.

Well, Vandehei, then at least that is what is new (even though there's so much more). We didn't have a paper trail before, and now we do. That's extremely important.


I don't know about you, but I get the impression that Thad Cochran and Trent Lott and some of their rich, elitist Republican fellow travelers are pro-lynching. Why in God's holy name would any senator in 2005 think that they shouldn't sign on as a co-sponsor to the lynching apology? Didn't Trent Lott learn anything from sucking Strom Thurmond's wrinkled dick? He and Cochran are complete and utter jackasses. I wish I could say they'd lose their seats when their times come, but this is Mississippi. This poll shows why Lott and Cochran will retain their seats (should show up on this page tomorrow).

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