Tuesday, February 15, 2005


For those of us who don't quite get the import of the ongoing Gannon/Guckert story, a good summary of why it has a lot of potential to taint the Repukes is in this Homeland Security FOIA request from Reps. Conyers and Slaughter:

Recent news reports indicate that James D. Guckert, a Republican activist gained access to the White House press briefing room and Presidential press conferences in violation of standard security procedures and was allowed to work under the assumed name, "Jeff Gannon." News reports also indicate that Mr. Guckert would not be considered a bona fide journalist by his peers in the press corps, as most of his claims to legitimacy have already been discredited. Access to the President and his press corps is highly competitive, and many seasoned journalists have not had the honor of attending the events or enjoying the access Mr. Guckert has.

We are concerned that such an individual was allowed within a few feet of the President when the public is routinely disallowed any possible contact with either the President or the White House. We understand that your security policies are developed in conjunction with the White House and want to ascertain your respective roles in this decision as it appears to deviate significantly from heightened security measures you have employed recently. To the extent that White House policies were incorporated into the Secret Service's files and have been read by the Secret Service, we would also like records from the White House.

Plus, Gannon/Guckert was given access to the secret memo regarding the Valerie Plame matter (read the whole thing if you please, but make sure to at least scroll down and read "In Conclusion"). All of this done as a "reporter" for the Talon News "service" that was established a mere 96 hours (that's four days--not even a week) before Gannon/Guckert was given press credentials to sit in on White House press briefings and to ask leading softball questions of McClellan and/or the President.

On the prostitution question, AmericaBlog has the scoop here. I mean, Christ almighty, if this was going on under Clinton--a former (or current) male prostitute with no credentials or experience gets a press pass to sit in on White House briefings for a website that was established four days before he got his first pass--Republicans would say hanging was too good and that the republic was crumbling...


Stars-Set Yourself On Fire (Arts & Crafts): exquisite, detailed pop music with male/female vocal goodness. Reminds me of Beulah's "Yoko." Songs that are good--"Reunion" "Ageless Beauty" "What I'm Trying To Say"

Sweet Apple Pie-Between The Lines (Not Lame): This is actually from 2004, but I didn't hear it til this year. Stereolab-ish retro rock with expert pop touches. More male/female vocal goodness.

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