Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Justin Raimondo, love him or hate him, is a brilliant political writer who knows what he believes and why and has a very finely tuned bullshit detector. One paragraph from his column today just leapt out at me:

The imperial era has a different way of looking at these things: truth emanates not from reality, but from power – which is the only reality. The Empire is so powerful that it creates its own reality, and this crazed belief permeates Imperial America, especially among the elites.

That first sentence just captures the whole tenor of not only the Bush administration, but the neocon agenda in general. Thank God for!

Truth Is Not The Secret Of A Few

If I could hype myself for a hot minute, my book of poetry "Truth Is Not The Secret Of A Few," came in today from Cafe Press. Let me say, the quality of the printing is beyond my expectations. They printed it exactly as I gave it to them (typos and all!), the covers are glossy and retail-ready, the paper is smooth and creamy (I expected rough, pulpy paper), and the printing looks fantastic. I would highly recommend using them if you want to have a book printed, and of course if you want to have T-shirts, hats or stickers made.

Here is a sample of one of the poems in the book--please don't get the idea that it's a book of political poetry from this example. Out of 154 poems, about 5 of them are unquestionably political, and then maybe 5 more are sort of political. Anyway, here's one about Iraq:

Tigris & Euphrates, Euphrates & Tigris
does that mean anything anymore?

Can the so-called “war against civilization”
really come from civilization’s birthplace?

They gave the world writing—
we gave it nuclear weapons
which is more civilized?

History will not be ignored
even if you’d like to forget it
it has a way of creating the future

The oil wars are coming to an end soon
the reserves will be gone
before you know it

We’re preoccupied with occupation
no wonder there’s retaliation
and Mesopotamia belongs to them

The poems in the book were written between 1985 and last year. Again, Cafe Press does a high quality job with the book printing! My book looks like I got it from Barnes and Noble!

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