Thursday, August 26, 2004

FUCK THE POOR a vote for Bush is against yourself...

So read this:

The nation’s poverty rate rose for a third straight year in 2003 and the ranks of the uninsured swelled, the Census Bureau said Thursday in a report sure to fuel election-season debate over President Bush’s handling of the economy.

Although the economy completed a second full year of expansion in 2003 after a recession that ended in November 2001, median household income just barely kept up with inflation and was statistically unchanged at about $43,300, the bureau said.

The number of people living in poverty rose by 1.3 million to 35.9 million people, or 12.5 percent of the population, up from 12.1 percent in 2002.

This is "compassionate conservatism?" This is "turning the corner?" This is evidence of a growing economy and job creation?

It isn't.
It's the complete opposite of all those things.
It is failure--it signals the rise of mean-spirited, anti-Christian, corporate fascism.

That's why I wrote this tune a few months ago, as a decoder of sorts for the right-wing rhetoric (with apologies to the Dead Kennedys):

FUCK THE POOR (copyright 2004, Clinton Kirby-BMI)

1. When they say we're going to war
When they ruled on Bush v. Gore
When they say "end the war on poverty"
You realize how cruel they can be

What they mean is "Fuck The Poor"
"Fuck 'em 'til they are no more"

2. When they say it's a WTO decree
When they say we'll rule compassionately
When they say gotta open up Brazil
When they say free trade is God's will

What they mean is "Fuck The Poor"
"Fuck 'em 'til they are no more"

3. When they say gotta kill the New Deal
You have to ask can they be for real
When they say gotta work for what you get
That's how you know they're full of it...

Because what they mean is "Fuck The Poor"
Fuck 'em 'til they are no more"

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