Wednesday, August 04, 2004

DEBUNKING THE BUNK ...a vote for Bush is a vote against yourself...

Bunk #1: John Kerry is a "flip-flopper." Supposed evidence: Voted for $87 billion but then voted against it.

Debunk #1: Read under "Spinning That Vote." Bush threatened to veto the funding for the troops himself if the bill wasn't to his liking. Well, the bill wasn't to Kerry's liking (not because it was funding the troops, but because of the way he would've preferred the funding to happen), so he voted against it.

Bunk #2: John Kerry is a "war criminal." Supposed evidence: Statement on "Meet The Press" in early 70's.

Debunk #2: I've covered this topic twice now, here and here. As usual, his remarks are taken out of context--he never said he or any of his fellow soldiers were war criminals. He pointed the finger at the men at the top, i.e., Johnson, Nixon, McNamara, etc.

Bunk #3: John Kerry is the most liberal Senator. Supposed evidence: The annual report in the National Journal.

Debunk #3: The National Journal actually said that Kerry is pretty moderate, and his "#1 liberal" ranking comes from only one year (2003) of his long Senate career, in which he missed many votes while out campaigning. If he'd made more votes, his votes would have averaged out in such a way that he would not be ranked the top liberal. Same is true of Edwards.

I meant to go further with this, but I need to sleep...

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