Wednesday, June 16, 2004

STRONG/WEAK ...a vote for bush is a vote against yourself

...up feeding the baby this morning. Heard a Kerry speech on C-Span...I liked the part about "you don't make America strong by attacking the weak" referring to cutting social spending and cutting taxes. These left-leaning pundits that constantly criticize Kerry are not really helping. I mean, it's not only the Republicans who try to paint him as boring, communistic, and out of touch, it's also Democratic sympathizers. I don't often hear the Repubes downing Bush, not even over procedural, nitpicking issues like whether or not his slogan is sassy enough. That makes the Repubes look like drones, because they defend Bush utterly, even when it's clear to everyone (even them) that he has done something terribly wrong or just stupid. However, these rightwing pubic hairs do control all three branches of the government...maybe occasionally looking like a pre-programmed drone will
help our side. Why should we admit to doubts about Kerry when the other side acts like the ground their guy walks on belongs in a special Republiban wing of the Smithsonian and he's not even out of office or dead yet?

I guess my point is, let's build Kerry up, not kill him with a thousand pricks...because he's the only hope for our side, for one thing, but he's also the only hope at this point for our country and the world...

In fact, the Kerry I saw in the speech from yesterday at the New Jersey AFL-CIO convention was clear, concise, witty, moving, sincere, articulate, and passionate. If and when the American public gets a really good look at him, there's no way Bush will legitimately win this election. I mean, they're already trying to steal it again...

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