Wednesday, June 16, 2004

NO LINK, NO JUSTIFICATION FOR WAR ...a vote for bush is vote against yourself

So the 9/11 Commission says officially that there was no link between Saddam and Osama regarding the 9/11 attack, which was what we were supposed to be avenging and preventing in our preventive war. Well, we ran the prevent defense against the wrong guy--wrong in the sense that Saddam never attacked our country. And so friends, that makes the Iraq conflict officially an unjust war. It was not in self-defense, it was an act of naked aggression.

And fuck you if you think that calling a spade a spade (i.e., saying that America started an unjust war and acted with aggression) makes war critics "anti-American." We're pro-American--we don't want Americans killing or being killed in clear violation of everything good about America--freedom, democracy, speedy trials instead of summary executions, diplomacy, etc.

Those who still believe in this godforsaken, immoral war had better turn off "Fox and Friends" and "The Savage Nation" for two seconds and get a clue--judgment day's a-comin'. You better jump over to the right side of history--you know, the side that seeks peace instead of hostility, the side that embraces civil rights and justice for all people (including atheists, Palestinians, inner city children, and so on), the side that seeks to further what all of Western history has been steadily, inexorably progressing toward since at least the Magna Carta--true freedom and equality under the law for everyone, true protection of the weak against the strong, and on and on.

You better get right or get left.

Getting right involves going over to the left.

It is our duty as loyal citizens of this great country to evict George W. Bush from the White House this year. He was crooked in the way he got into office, he's been crooked in office, and we need to straighten him out about how things work here in this country that belongs to all of us--not only the rich, not only the well-connected, not only the oil companies, not only the successful, not only the smart, not only the rapacious capitalists who would deprive their fellow citizens of employment oppportunities just to make a few extra bucks.

They say Bush won Florida, and hence the election, by 537 votes, but he really won it by only one--that fifth Supreme. And then conservatives want to complain about "activist judges..." It's so outrageous, one has no idea where to begin in combatting the outrage...

...I'm getting off topic...

Anyway, the war is wrong and the whole world knows it was and is wrong and tried to tell us. And lots of us here in the U.S. tried to tell the War Pigs, but they did it anyway. And now they have to pay the price for their crimes. If not impeachment, removal, and jail sentences, they at least need to be removed from office, the whole lot, and never heard from again in public life. If anyone in a major position in this Bush administration ever again dares to raise his or her head to run for public office or offer themselves as a candidate for an appointment, they need to be laughed right out of the public square.

Why? Because they fucking blew it. They bit the big one. They squandered our treasure, they wasted our resources, they sent our young men and women to die under false pretenses, they destroyed our alliances, they made us into an evil caricature of ourselves, and generally mouthed the words about America's greatness while acting aggressively to undermine it.

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