Thursday, March 20, 2008


A poster at the Hattiesburg American forum asked this question today:

“How many attacks have been [on] American soil since 9-11?”

Well, let’s see...

There was the anthrax attack.
There have been multiple attacks on our civil liberties, including but not limited to:
the Patriot Act, the illegal detention of Jose Padilla, warrantless wiretapping, the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, NSPD 51, the Tasering of Andrew Meyer, the extremely questionable detention of Yuri Wainwright, the arrest of William McLean, the normalization of torture as an interrogation tool, etc.

There have been many, many attacks. And frankly, if one wants to count embassy compounds as “American soil”–which the government does under the doctrine of extraterritoriality–then we have the following attacks:

March 2002-US embassy in Yemen attacked by a “sound grenade”
January 29, 2005–US Baghdad embassy compound hit with a rocket; 2 killed, 4 wounded–all Americans
September 12, 2006-US embassy in Damascus, Syria attacked
December 2, 2007-US embassy in Manila attacked
February 21, 2008-US embassy in Belgrade burned

And that doesn’t count all the attacks on the Green Zone, which while not technically “American soil,” is controlled by the U.S. and home to many U.S. citizens.

So to answer the question, there have been a lot of attacks on American soil since 9/11. George Bush hasn’t kept us “safe” in any sense of the word.


Freshmao said...


I have been thinking about your blog for a while and I have a few questions to ask you. Maybe you can blog about it or maybe if you want it to remain private you can email me, but what do you hope to ultimately achieve with your blog? I mean, do you expect to actually expect to achieve a utopia here on earth or at least an Utopian U.S. government where there is no more more evil or atrocities actually being committed by anyone or any institution? When you achieved the goal or goals you have set for yourself, then what?

alvin said...

As a regular reader (though first time comment leaver) I think what he is trying to accomplish is to tell the damn truth!

The truth is something which our present administration is in desperatly short supply. This is not some imaginary blogger scenario or fictional bad dream. (shout out to all the fictional/bad dream bloggers out there - rock on!) This is really happening! Pay attention! How about just a little less evil? Maybe some open dialgoe and transparent motives for a change? Maybe some realistic & numerable foreign policy goals? Maybe some acknowledgement of mistakes and double-minded actions. Less bully and more benevolence.

Utopia? Could we start with sanity!

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