Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Went to an antiwar “candlelight vigil” today. Met up with my friend Scott Tyner, pictured below with the green “Support our troops” sign. Saw William McLean (the creator of the unforgettable “Impeach the Lying Corporate Greedheads” sign), about whom I wrote both a blog entry and letter to the editor over two years ago.

Scott told me that William was arrested for disturbing the peace during their most recent protest. Apparently a cop pulled up and cited some nonexistent ordinance and took William to jail. He had to pay a $100 fine to get out. At least they didn’t Tase him.

How can anyone say William is/was “disturbing the peace?” There’s no peace to disturb–after all, as Bush and Cheney and their neocon followers love to say, “This is a time of war.” And William and the rest of us would like to see that time pass, so that we can use “this is a time of peace” as an excuse to say no when they want to build more weapons and kill more people. In other words, use their strategy on them, but for positive purposes.

Not much to say but this–this is not a just war, this is just war. End it. Now.

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