Thursday, January 24, 2008


Whenever I hear something that sounds "off" in a song I love, I like to make a note of it. Usually these "off" items are anomalies or just plain mistakes of some kind that made it onto a finished, master recording. What makes them interesting to me is that I usually don't hear them the first 10 billion times I listen to a song. Even though I know that, I still fret over such things when I'm doing my own recording.

I just heard another one and want to add it to the list, which will make now 7 entries:

1. Vince Guaraldi-"Linus and Lucy" finger slip on piano keys on return to first section :50
2. Neil Young-"After The Goldrush" finger slip on piano keys after the line "hoping it was a lie" (the first time) 1:46
3. Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads-"Crazy Train" notes in solo not doubled exactly (after joining back in unison following a harmony section) 3:05
4. Soft Machine-"10.30 Returns To The Bedroom" finger slip on organ 2:07
5. "Deliverance" soundtrack-"Dueling Banjos" 3:03 the guitar starts to go back around while the banjo is doing an ending lick. The guitar abruptly stops when he realizes that's the end of the song. (Larry G)
6. Flying Burrito Brothers-"Hot Burrito #2" finger slip on piano 0:47...lyrics on top are "And you want me home all night..." [maybe that's not a slip, because the same thing happens at 0:31 when the same part is being played...wait, maybe it is, because it happens at 1:32 and 1:36 and...]Dig the horn-like steel going on in that section...

And the new entry--Flying Burritos again! I was listening to "Christine's Tune" and listening to Sneaky Pete's fine steel work (and looking over at my pedal steel that I haven't played since...uh...). I was enjoying how the two vocal tracks were panned hard left and hard right and then I heard a cough or a throat clearing or something. So I backed it up and heard this:

7. Flying Burrito Brothers- "Christine's Tune" 2:29-2:31: vocal on left starts to hold out the word "lies," stops short, clears throat, and then picks up on next line.

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