Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here's Bush's great idea to "save" the economy:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on Friday called on Congress to give the U.S. economy a "shot in the arm" with an election-year package of temporary tax cuts and other measures worth up to $150 billion.

I like my ideas (that I posted on the HA forum)better:

Or, we could just end this goddamn war and save a good $5 billion a month--that'd be $60 billion in just 12 months!

Or, since Federal Reserve notes are just funny money anyway, just print up $150 billion, wrap it in plastic, put it on pallets, then just hand it out randomly to people across the United States. That's what we did in Iraq, after all.

Of course, that was only $12 billion--that we know of. And it stands to reason that we in the U.S. would be entitled to more of what is supposedly our own money, right?

Or, if the cash pallet method of distribution seems too likely to incite rioting, they could just put $1 million in the bank account of the head of every household with the click of a mouse. That'd come to more or less $105 trillion, but what's the harm, really? Our money isn't real anyway, so why not dream big?

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