Saturday, March 24, 2007


Also, I've been meaning to put these up for a while. This is a reminder of how the "threat" of "terr-ists" is always with us, even (especially?) at the credit union (posted at the main desk):

Notice how the connection is made between them maintaining records of IDs and "protecting our country." In other words, ve vill need to see your PAPERS!

There was another picture (that was too blurry) of a sign in the credit union lobby that said "Goodbye Float--Hello Check 21" and went on to talk about how the banking system was all fucked up after 9/11 so they had to tighten the reins on customers like you and like me! Hooray!

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healtheland said...

What is the deal with calling a Bibleman toy "fascist"? You do realize that Bibleman takes absolutely no political stances whatsoever? That toy that you are showing a picture of is not a "terrorist" or a "soldier", or a military figure whatsoever. As a matter of fact, Bibleman came out with that character years before "the war on terror" or before George W. Bush was even elected! That character in the show represents influences that get kids to do things like tell lies, disobey their parents, commit acts of violence, succumb to feelings of fear and pride, go to inappropriate sites on the Internet, worship athletes and celebrities as heroes, etc. You know, you are doing exactly the same thing as people like you accuse us "uneducated fundamentalists" of doing, which to fear something that you do not understand, attack something that you know absolutely nothing about, and in the process BE COMPLETELY FACTUALLY INCORRECT. Look, do yourself a favor (ESPECIALLY if you have kids) and rent or buy a Bibleman episode; you can get the latest one for about $9 in any Christian bookstore, and since your own statistics show that you lefties earn more money than us fundamentalists, I know you can afford it. See if you can find anything in it that supports the war on terror, the Bush administration, or any other right wing political stance, or anything else that any reasonable person would find in any way offensive (that is, except, of course, if you are offended by religious beliefs, which would be ILLIBERAL OF YOU).