Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So the Watada trial ends in mistrial, sending this brave hero back to the brig for another month? For Pete's sake, this is crazy. Watada's defense has been that since the war is illegal, he's in the right by refusing an illegal order, i.e., to fight in Iraq:

"At the center of the dispute between the judge and the defense is Watada’s intent when he did not deploy with his unit to Iraq. The defense has consistently tried to call into question the legality of the war, because Watada said the war is illegal and a command to fight in Iraq is also illegal. But the judge has said the argument over the legality of the war is not a matter that can be settled in military court."

If the legality of the war can't be settled in military court and the new Republican minority won't let it be debated, where in the hell can the legality of the war be settled?

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