Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Looks like the media are being less credulous this time when the government is trying to drag us into a war. That's great!

I think the blogosphere has determined that where the Iran-in-Iraq briefing is concerned, these are the most relevant points:

1. The weapons probably were made in Iran.
2. That doesn't mean that Ahmadinejad or the Supreme Leader authorized giving them to Iraqi insurgents--this is what the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said.
3. The weapons very likely were sold or given to Hezbollah to fight Israel in Lebanon. Israel may have recovered some and shared them with us--just in case we wanted to start a war with Iran or something like that.
4. The weapons could have other origins.

These conclusions deal mostly with the mortar rounds picture in the dossier. I haven't read much about the infrared triggering devices--I would guess that it's highly unlikely that those are made only in Iran. But again, I don't know that for a fact.


Al S. E. said...

President Ahmadinejad's views are summarized on this website: ahmadinejadquotes.blogspot.com

Nemo said...

The thing about a passive infrared sensor is that they're made everywhere, and exported everywhere, both as OEM parts and in consumer goods (motion-activiated security lights, as one of many examples). A picture of a rock with what they *claim* is a PIR sensor in it, that they *claim* is Iranian, is incredibly weak.