Saturday, July 01, 2006


We saw this from a mile away, that's who...

LONDON, July 1 (IranMania) - Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tehran will continue its uranium enrichment program despite international calls to halt the sensitive project, Iran's state television reported Saturday.

"The Iranian government and the people have decided, and without any doubt with dignity and glory we will pass this phase," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying from Gambia after explaining Iran's fuel cycle program, which has enriching uranium as its focus, to Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, AFP added.

Here's what we said on June 6/7 about this very topic:

However, the Iranians are not going to accept the deal and Bush and Rice and everyone involved knows they aren’t going to accept it. The whole point of this–the con job I referred to earlier–is that when the Iranians inevitably do refuse the deal, that will be the next anti-Iran talking point. We’re reasonable and they aren’t. The security council offered them this sweet deal and they refused it. So we have to bomb and/or invade.

Not that I'm trying to say I'm clairvoyant or anything, quite the contrary. I'm just trying to point out how transparent Bush's plans really are. Hell, if I could figure this out, anyone could. It's called "railroading." And the last stop on this line is bombing and/or invasion.

Iran and Midterms

So by this November, we'll be threatening or possibly already attacking Iran and that will be the divisive issue that the Democrats will be made to look weak on and all the attack ads will feature Democrats morphing into ayatollahs, Saddam Hussein, Osama--whoever. And the Republicans will talk about how very important it is to not let Iran get a nuclear weapon, even though it's obvious that they would never and could never pose a threat to the United States with any nuclear weapons they managed to cobble together. The main thing is that this dog and pony show is being put on so that the enabling act mentioned below can be joined by other such laws on the books and the neo/theocons can finally dismantle the democracy they hate so much.

Bush Needs Wars

Bush needs wars to do the unpopular, unconstitutional things he wants to do. The Iraq war is terribly unpopular, so Bush wants to try again. He knows that when wars are first begun, all the press are along for the ride and they film everything and talk about a tank crossing the desert in breathless, reverent tones.

That's what Bush wants for the November mid-terms--that first week of war rush. He wants reporters to point out how easily and swiftly the Iranian regime will be toppled and how organized and skillful the army is. And then Bush will want to make another dramatic announcement, maybe from the top of a minaret or something, with an even bigger codpiece on.

And everyone will swoon and vote for Repukes, who will steal the election anyway just in case (hello DRE voting machines almost everywhere). Oh, it'll be a hell of a time.