Saturday, July 01, 2006


The wife and I have been going to the July 4th Crab Festival in Bay St. Louis, MS for a few years now. We were glad to hear that they were going to have it this year, in spite of the destruction from Katrina.

It was the first time that she or I have gone down to Bay St. Louis since the storm, and we really wanted to see it, having seen a CNN special about the town some months back.

I took a few pics with the cell phone. They aren't great, but they give you some idea of the wasteland that downtown Bay St. Louis still is over ten months after the hurricane. For example, you'll notice a lot of dirt everywhere--that's where the streets and the restaurants and businesses on the bay side of the streets used to be.

Here are the pix:

Spray painted on the boards: "Do Not Enter--Not Safe"

Fire Dog Saloon still there, but gutted

Old theater still there--just barely

Giant stump and root system in the road