Monday, February 20, 2006


I'm reading this book about the media and the war and was struck by this quote:

"Given the conformism and obedience of the media during this crucial period, when the basis for U.S. aggression was firmly and irrevocably laid, it is small wonder that public concern was so slight, and that opposition was so negligible as to be entirely without significance. Only the most ardent researcher could have developed a moderately clear understanding of what was taking place...we see very clearly the consequences of mindless media obedience in a state with enormous resources of violence. [pp. 192-93]"
Unfortunately, this is not a recent book (but with a new introduction) and not about a recent war. The quote is from "Manufacturing Consent" by Herman and Chomsky, first published in 1988, and the above quote comes from an examination of the media record on Vietnam.

Nice to see history repeating itself...

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