Wednesday, February 22, 2006


In my recent research into the 9/11 Truth movement, I stopped and asked myself a question–do I buy into this simply because I want to believe bad things about Bush and Republicans? Will I believe anything about them as long as it casts them in a negative light? Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and their hordes of adherents constantly suggest as much. In online forums and letters to the editor, “left-wing wackos” are accused of simply “hating Bush” and being “blind” to the truth.

My own father suggests that by reading liberal blogs and anti-Bush books and shunning their opposites, I am therefore unable to get at the truth because I’m only listening to one side of the story.

And I answered that question to myself with another question–will Bush supporters believe anything about Bush and Republicans as long as it casts them in a positive light?

After all, in the same online forums and letters to the editor, Bush supporters say they support him “100 percent” and that Bush is a good Christian man and we should follow him merely because he says he prays every day.

But no, I bought the official story about 9/11 until I saw “Loose Change.” The facts make me believe bad things about Bush and Republicans, not my ideology.

If anything, a liberal/progressive ideology would tend to make one more forgiving and more understanding and tolerant of Bush and Republicans. And I adhere to a liberal and progressive way of thinking, but the facts lead me negative conclusions about Bush and Republicans.

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