Monday, July 12, 2004

3 QUICK THINGS ...a vote for Bush is a vote against yourself...

1. Election postponement/cancellation:
Unnecessary, ill-advised, and scary as's as though Bush is begging to be impeached right away so as to keep something like this from happening before we can do anything about it. I mean, come on, if there's a terrorist attack in a major city or even several major cities, that shouldn't stop the rest of the country from voting. On 9/11, we down here in Mississippi went about our lives pretty much as usual but kept a close eye on goings-on up north.

Also, on that point, if Tom Ridge and his boys are able to detect "chatter" from terrorists, why can't they locate the terrorists? I mean, if they know their whereabouts enough to know where to listen for them, why can't they catch them? Do they not want to catch them? Are the terrorists and their vague threats useful to Ridge and Bush so that, maybe, I don't know, a terrorist attack could be faked, the election postponed, and then Bush automatically gets four more years since there's no way he'll be re-elected without such a scenario or something similar.

2. Stem-cell research:
This is a no-brainer--it should be legal. It promises to be the most significant advance in health care in a very long time if not ever. And Orrin Hatch was just on Hardball (this should be where the transcript will appear) condemning Ron Reagan Jr. and the Democrats for "politicizing" the issue. Bush politicized it almost 3 years ago when he issued an executive order against it. Does Orrin Hatch (on skis) really expect any citizen with half a brain that he is against politicizing issues?

3. Gay marriage:
I think John Kerry and John Edwards ought to run on a campaign of adding a constitutional amendment of outlawing divorce. If anything is ruining families and hurting our society, it's divorce. I mean, even Jesus said that if you divorce someone and then have sex with another person, it's adultery. Gay marriage hurts no one. Again, on Hardball, Chris Matthews was suggesting that homosexuals are more promiscuous than straight people and Orrin "Don't politicize anything" Hatch does nothing to counter that impression. Straight people are pretty damn promiscuous, too. And Hatch kept saying that gays shouldn't be allowed to "impose" their values on society, implying that it's okay with him if straights impose their values on gays. And he thinks that because a majority of Americans in a certain poll said that they disapprove of gay marriage, that's all the authority anyone needs to disallow it. But people's opinions about an issue aren't what should make our laws--what should form the basis of our laws is that which is fair and decent to all citizens.

Oh, and in a speech today, Bush said that invading Iraq was right even without the presence of WMD because he didn't want to run the risk of Saddam aiding terrorists. So, as my wife pointed out, he'd rather go after someone who might help terrorists and who was not himself a terrorist (to the U.S.anyway) rather than tracking down the known terrorists who attacked us. What a chump.

Not only that, but it looks the Filipinos are more humanitarian than we are. I guess maybe some of that "Christianizin'" we did about a hundred years ago paid off...what happened to us? We send people over to foreign countries to die for lies, then don't negotiate even though lives could be saved...