Friday, April 25, 2008


...and apparently that's cheap for regular grade. This evening I saw it as high as $3.56 for regular.

Gee, it wasn't even 4 months ago that I paid "only" $3.09. But oh yeah, the head of OPEC told us that oil prices aren't set according to supply and demand. They're set according to a "common understanding" that we, the rabble, have to be brought low financially while they enjoy record profits. Isn't that nice?

Maybe we should start a cartel and do some things according to a "common understanding." Like make them quit gouging us. Just an idea...


Anonymous said...

I paid $3.65 today.

Hope you're paying attention to the energy and food situation. It's going to affect the way we live very soon.

See my post here about food shortages (or consumer panic, as the case may be) threatening food banks.

Be sure and read the comments thread on that post.

Also, if you need to get up to speed, here's a roundup of recent developments and a some things that I've linked to about this over the past couple of months.

Not sure exactly what's going on, but I'm trying to get some info together and make some educated guesses. Your input in comments or as a post of your own would be most appreciated.

I haven't forgotten about that letter to the editor -- just been busy and trying to dig myself out.


Anonymous said...


Did you protest today?

I got tied up at work and wasn't able to get away at lunchtime. Was hoping you'd have a pic or two